Web Series PR

The Role of Public Relations in Promoting Web Series on OTT Platforms in India

OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms have become the go-to destination for viewers seeking fresh and engaging content. With the rise in popularity of web series, there’s a growing need for effective Public Relations (PR) strategies to ensure these shows reach their target audience.

The Need for PR in the OTT Space

Competition in the OTT space

  • With numerous OTT platforms vying for viewers’ attention, web series need PR to stand out.

Building anticipation

  • PR helps create buzz and anticipation around upcoming web series, which can translate into more viewership.

Audience engagement

  • Effective PR strategies can engage the audience and generate discussions about the series.

Independent Publicists vs. In-House Publicists

A. Independent Publicists

Contracted professionals

  • Independent publicists are hired on a project basis or retained by production companies to handle PR for specific web series.

Expertise in media relations

  • They have extensive contacts in the media industry and can pitch stories to journalists, news editors and bloggers.

Personalized approach

  • Independent publicists tailor PR campaigns to suit the unique needs and target audience of each web series.

B. In-House Publicists from OTT Companies

Part of the team

  • In-house publicists work directly for the OTT platform and are integrated into the production and marketing teams.

Platform-specific knowledge

  • They have an in-depth understanding of the platform’s audience and can align PR activities accordingly.

Seamless communication

  • In-house publicists have direct access to the creative team, making coordination more efficient.

PR Activities for Web Series on OTT Platforms

Press Releases

  • Announcements and updates about the web series are distributed to media outlets.

Media interactions

  • Publicists arrange interviews, press conferences, and media interactions with the cast and crew.

Screening events

  • Pre-release screenings for critics and influencers could generate early reviews.

Feature stories

  • Publicists pitch engaging stories related to the series, its themes and the cast.

Exclusive content

  • Offering exclusive behind-the-scenes content and sneak peeks to media outlets creates excitement.

Crisis management

  • Handling any negative publicity or controversies that may arise during the series’ promotion.

Types of OTT Content Benefiting from PR

A. OTT Movies

  • PR helps generate interest and reviews for movies available on OTT platforms, increasing viewership.

B. OTT Web Series

  • Web series benefit greatly from PR as it builds a loyal following and generates buzz.

C. OTT Shows

  • PR ensures that episodic content remains in the public eye, encouraging viewers to tune in regularly.

D. OTT Documentaries

  • Documentaries can use PR to highlight important social issues and reach a wider audience.

E. OTT Games

  • PR activities for OTT games include launching events, updates and competitive events.

F. OTT Podcasts

  • Podcasts leverage PR to attract listeners and build a dedicated audience.

G. OTT Reality Shows

  • PR creates excitement around reality shows, driving viewer engagement and participation.

H. Other OTT Programs

  • Various other programs, such as talk shows and talent contests, can benefit from PR to reach their target audience effectively.
  • Benefits of PR for OTT Content on Entertainment and Lifestyle Websites:

Increased visibility

  • PR activities ensure that the web series or content is featured prominently on entertainment and lifestyle websites.

Targeted audience reach

  • Placement on relevant websites helps reach the right audience interested in such content.

Credibility and reviews

  • Reviews and features on organic news websites add credibility to the content.

Word-of-mouth marketing

  • Positive coverage encourages viewers to recommend the series to others.


  • Coverage on new-age Bollywood websites sets trends and keeps the series in the spotlight.
Final Take:
Public Relations plays a crucial role in the success of web series and other content on OTT platforms in India. Whether handled by independent publicists or in-house professionals, PR activities help build anticipation, engage the audience, and create a buzz around the series. The benefits extend to various types of OTT content, from movies to reality shows, and the coverage on entertainment and lifestyle websites further enhances their reach and credibility in the digital space. As the OTT industry continues to grow, effective PR will remain a vital tool for content promotion.